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Science Communications

Every day I read about innovations that could change the lives of people, enhance conservation efforts, or mitigate environmental impacts of agriculture. The frustration is that few of these new breakthroughs reach the field.  Why?

We don’t have a technology problem. We don’t have an information problem. We have a communication problem. 

The methods that scientists, farmers and agricultural industry professionals use to share information with professional audiences fall flat with public audiences.  I’ve learned this by boots-on-the-ground science communication attempts with some success and lots of failure.

I have learned from 18 years at the public interface. Connected to the study of psychology, sociology, and human cognition, today’s efforts are effective and creating change.

My Science Communications workshops attempt to rewire the failed strategies scientists, farmers, and industry professionals employ, turning lost messages into impactful seeds of change.  Lessons from hostage negotiation, customer service and Aristotle can reshape our approach to building trust and presenting scientific content.

Contact me if I may be of assistance in reshaping how your team connects to a curious and concerned public.

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