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My background in persuasion, argument and presentation delivery presents a great opportunity to apply these tools to areas of public controversy.  How can scientists stop approaching the public as lofty experts, and start reaching them as trustworthy teachers?

For too long scientists have been uncomfortable outside of the Ivory Tower. Today it is necessary for us to promote and share the products of our research.  The public must be made part of our discoveries, both so they understand our value as scientists, but also our need for their continued support through federal and state grants.

Most of all, the public is confused.  The internet brings controversy to areas that are scientifically settled.  Areas like vaccines, climate, genetic engineering, evolution and stem-cell technology are just a few areas where scientists have been slow to engage a curious public.

My workshops are designed to re-focus how we approach the public. How do we define audience?  What mistakes do we make?  Why don’t they trust scientists?  How do we gain their trust?  What techniques open a dialog?  These are areas we discuss in the three-hour workshops.

The workshops are funded by private donations, so they can be delivered at low/no cost. Group size can range from 10-300 participants.  For more information, please check the Talking Biotech website.

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