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Over the last 20 years I have had the honor to speak to tens of thousands of people about technology, strategic communication, and trust building.  I have enjoyed interacting personally with farmers, students at other universities, young professionals, scientists, and people in the agricultural industries.

I connected through in-person talks, email, social media, and a highly-rated podcast. Maybe it made a little difference.

Right now these efforts are on pause. My university has directed that my 2020 speaking commitments be cancelled, the podcast ended, and my visibility in social media end.

The mandate comes from pressure from activist groups and the vessels of malignant envy in the science communication space, especially one person that has made it his mission to cause me professional harm.  I have been specifically targeted by these people, they have been after me for years, and now have convinced my university that I am a problem.  Nobody talked to me.  I was told to be silent.

My university is not my enemy.  They are victims of evil people with a twisted agenda.  The real adversaries are food insecurity, poverty, injustice, and threats to agriculture. I’m going to keep my focus and fight in other ways that are invisible, effective, and long term.

The next chapter will be better, as this time of re-consolidation will only strengthen my efforts.

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