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Communicating science within the discipline is different than communicating science to broad public audiences.  This is a fundamental mistake that most scientists and agricultural professionals make.

I have actively studied communication for 35 years, and have trained under nationally-recognized experts in oral communication. Later I would build those tools as an Assistant Director of Forensics at a prominent college, and eventually coach thousands of speakers, students and others seeking to improve their communications skills.

  • Training in persuasion, argument and debate taught me the elements of generating effective content.
  • Expert guidance in presentation taught me the power of non-verbal communication, the psychology of presentation, and understanding of audience.
  • Understanding communication methods in the traditional media and social media taught me to optimize application of content and presentation in the most effective venues.

Today I regularly provide consultation on interview talks, critical presentations, and competitive speaking events. Even seasoned experts have experienced profound improvements from my careful analysis of their content and presentation.

Expert analysis of your content and presentation is what separates your efforts from others seeking the same contract, opportunity or promotion.  Professional guidance will ensure that you exceed expectations.


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