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As of January 2020 I offer expert guidance in diverse areas*.  Topics include:

Lighting Regimes for Indoor Farms

Lighting companies are filled with engineers and not necessarily plant biologists. With 33 years of experience in how light and biology interact, I can help maximize plant growth, minimize energy costs, and offer new strategies to getting plant products to market faster.

Strategic Communication 

Today messaging must be succinct and effective. I have studied how to create content that maximizes impact, customized specifically for video, audio or written formats.

Crisis Communication

My experiences from being under fire in the public spotlight taught me a wealth of information that can be applied to any critical communication situation. Further study honed the application of counter-intuitive strategies that seed best outcomes to negative media attention, deserved or not.

Social Media and Networking

Crafting your message is crucial to brand success. Disseminating that message through social media networks is central to reaching today’s target audiences.  I have experience in shaping social-media-based networking strategies, and directing successful campaigns to gain visibility or market share.

“Bioengineered Foods” Transition

In 2022 all companies that use ingredients from genetically engineered plants must comply with new package labeling standards.  The Bioengineered Foods (BE) food labels were borne of non-necessity and have the potential to confuse consumers and producers.  I have provided training to food companies, explaining what the designation means, and how employees can best explain it to customers and personally on social media.

Media Training for Scientists and Farmers

Scientists and farmers are not trained to speak to the media.  This lack of preparedness leads to mistakes, as critical information is not disseminated, or problems arise from misinterpretation.  I have trained farmers and scientists on the proper way to engage with journalist inquiries, and how to perform in the interview.  This training is critical to maximizing impact with reporters while minimizing potential for malicious or accidental misinterpretation.



*All consulting is conducted off of university time and has no affiliation with the University of Florida.

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